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Set 01: General Brushes - Botanical Garden

Someone reminded me about these brushes- which is a good thing because I completely forgot that I had never posted them. They were made some months ago for one of my old icon batches, so there's only about 16 different ones. They're suitable for general usage as well, since they're mostly larger than 100x100. I'm sorry it took me this long to get it up since I know some of you had been waiting for it. :\ Hope you'd still want them after almost 4 months. :p

16 Total; Semi-Preview:

[x] Please credit if using. Comments are always super loved.
[x] Do not imply or claim these as yours.
[x] No redistributing or offering it up for download anywhere!
[x] Don't even think about hotlinking them.
[x] Feel free to friend this journal to keep posted. No need to ask. :)

Download: Edited Combo Link {Zipped .abr for Photoshop 7+ and .jpg image pack}

Note: I'll try to get a PS7+ format up some time tomorrow or mid-week when I'm able to access a computer with PS7. Photoshop 7 version up now! If any of you will be so kind as to help convert these for more versions or another platform- I'd be super grateful! Please let me know and I'll upload it to my own server + credit you for your efforts. :)

Here are some old example icons that used these brushes (though you can also see others in action over at the NANA Live Action Batch):

As always- all my other brushes/resources can be found by accessing my memories archive under downloads. Thanks and enjoy! :)

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