Téa (colorfilter) wrote,

Yes, really.

Hi everyone! Maybe I should be asking if anyone is still around. :P And if you are, I hope you've all been doing well. Please say hello if you're still here! ♥

First, I just want to apologize for being away for so long. Things have been hectic the past few years, and I honestly don't know how time managed to past so fast. It boggles my mind whenever I think about how much has happened and yet how short that span of time feels. But I think about this place all the time and how I really miss you all - seriously. ;_;

The site is currently offline - a few of you have emailed me asking about the goodies and wanting to download (or re-download them due to computer crashes and such). I'm really sorry about this, and if there's anyone who really needs some of the stuff, feel free to let me know and I'll see about emailing them to you or uploading what you need somewhere temporarily.

The good news is I've been working hard on doing the site overhaul during every bit of free time I have. I'm hoping to have the site back up by the end of June, but I'm really aiming for earlier than that. And once that's done, I'll be back into the swing of making more goodies for you all. :D

I'll be sure to post again when the site has relaunched. In the meantime, I went ahead and created a Twitter account to post some updates and stay in touch. I'm still really unfamiliar with Twitter so forgive me if I do something weird, but I hope to see some of you there. :) I also added a Facebook page, though the activity there would probably be fairly low until the site pops back online. Likes are very much loved of course. It's new and lonely with 0 likes at the moment. :P

I can't wait until this place goes back to normal, because it's just not normal for me to not do something creative...
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