Téa (colorfilter) wrote,

Download: 40 sets of my icon textures

Hiya all, hope you guys are doing well! Just wanted to let you know that I uploaded 40 sets of my previous icon textures (1000+ of them) via Facebook fans for those who wants/needs them while the site is offline. It's a temporary option that will only be available until my site goes up back. :)

40 sets of icon textures

A few of you guys have been asking for them, and I just wanted to give you a way of downloading the whole lot (so I'd feel less guilty for letting the site go offline for this long - let's pretend this makes up for it somehow, okay?). It's also a good time to grab them easily in one go if that's what you prefer, as opposed to going through them in single sets - that is if you hadn't grabbed them back when they first went up.

A possible downside is that it's only available via my Facebook fans though, which means you do (unfortunately?) have to click "like" for the download link to show up. I did it this way to help screen the actual download link as much as possible, because for those of you who remember, I used to have major problems with hotlinking and people with weird malicious intent that caused issues with my hosting service and all that. It was why I ended up not posting direct links on LJ anymore as I had no way of protecting them unless they were on my site. I'm sorry if this is a huge inconvenience for you guys. :\

You can visit this page on Colorfilter's Facebook to get the download link.

Important Note: For those on Windows, there was an issue with Winrar unzipping the pack that I THINK I've fixed. I was very helpfully told that 7zip works for sure though. Please do let me know if you guys are having problems with the download or the zip. Or if you unzipped just fine with Winrar, so I know for sure I've really fixed what I think was the problem. :P Thanks!

I hope this is useful for at least some of you! :)
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Thank you! Your filters and such are great.
I text you in my Bio...if you need elsewhere (as in, when I use them) pleas let me know!
You're very welcome, and I'm glad you like the textures. :)

And no problem. Link wherever works for you, really. I'm not picky about that - I appreciate the link back!
And I am SUPER sorry about the really bad English in my last comment!
beautiful! and i'm glad you posted this because i didn't even know you had an FB page i could like...
Thank you, they're just my old textures though, so nothing new yet!

Ah, I had only just recently created it along with a Twitter account, so the FB page is very new. :) Thank you - and so glad to see you're still around and about on LJ!
downloading - thanks. I think I have most of these already but I love your packs so much that I'm downloading again just to make sure. ;)
You're welcome! I hope you found something that you didn't already have so it doesn't turn out to be a complete waste of time. :) And thank you. ♥
Welcome back!

Thanks so much for providing the link to those! I'd lost most of my old ones in a HD crash two years ago, so it's wonderful to have them back again.
Thank you! It's wonderful to be back (well, sort of, until I get my site overhaul done). :)

And you're very welcome! I've been getting lots of messages about HD crashes and such, so I was hoping this would help some people. I've lost a bunch of stuff through crashes of my own as well. :\
taking, thank you muchly!
You're welcome, and thanks for commenting. :D
taking! thank you very much! I have your old sets, I've been using a lot of them over the years since you started. :D
You're very welcome! These are all my old sets though, so you may already have them all if you've grabbed them since I started making them. :P Hopefully, I'll have new ones to offer soon, once I get the site going again. :)
Thanks so much for sharing these! :D
You're very welcome. :D I hope they're useful!

Deleted comment

Hi! I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier. LJ has not been giving me any comments notification for a looong time now. D: I only just saw this because I came on to update the journal.

I just mentioned this in the post I made, but I tried to fix the zip again after someone on FB mentioned she was having problems too... and I'm hoping I've managed to succeed this time. I mentioned this on FB too, so if you have the page liked, you may have already seen and re-downloaded it. If not, please try again and let me know if it works this time. That way, I know if I've done something right... or not, and I can try to figure out the problem with you. :)
Thanks for sharing this article
I had lost this original link and had to look it up - THANK you for this set of 40. I've used your textures frequently over the past year as I've been learning how to do textures and layers in ipiccy, and your set has been invaluable to me. My Willow user pic from is one of the one's I've made using them, Here's just a few others:


Oh wow, thank you so much for taking the time to not only tell me but also show me how my textures have worked for you! It's awesome seeing the lovely icons you've made with them, and I'm so very pleased that you've found them useful. I hope you continue to have fun playing with layers and textures. :D

Ah, this was such a nice comment and it made my day, thank you. <3 It's really nice knowing that even years later, these textures could still be of use to someone.
Well thank you for taking the time to make and share these! I've only learned how to do layers/textures this past year, so I'm really just getting into exploring this pack. (I mostly use my own photographs for textures etc so I appreciate the work that goes into it.)