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Status + downloads note

A few notes regarding updates and possibly another bulk pack or two coming up soon.

"Corrupt files" possibly fixed:
There were a couple of you who were getting the "files corrupt" error for the massive icon textures pack I shared on FB. I still don't exactly know why it isn't working for some (about 5 people), but I dove back in and did everything I could to redo the files - they even shrank by a third. :P If you've previously had trouble getting the files to unzip, try downloading again now. Hopefully it'll work - please let me know if it doesn't!

Large textures pack next:
A couple of people have contacted me to ask if I could also do a temporary FB upload for my old large textures. I wasn't planning to at first, because I had anticipated on getting the site back up fairly quickly. However, things are what they are (cries) so I've decided that I will probably dig them out to upload as another bulk pack - keep an eye out for them! :)

For those wondering why I haven't gotten the site back up yet...

First, I'm sorry that we're still stuck at square one. The past half a year or so has been rather trying. I had a case of delayed-onset post-traumatic stress disorder - quite unexpectedly as I thought I was done with PTSD.

In short, about a little over a year ago, I was held hostage alone for several hours by a criminal on the run. I came out of it with injuries from head to toe but alive and well enough. I won't get into the details, but I just wanted to be upfront about what I was dealing with during the latter half of last year. I debated a little on whether to mention this at all, but I didn't want you guys to think I popped in to wave a huge flag and then ran off for no good reason.

I'm on the mend but now also taking some time to work some things out regarding where my life is headed. I don't want to sound cliche by saying that it was life-changing experience, but I do feel like I need to make some changes to my life.

That said, yes, I'm still very determined to get the site back on track. I just wanted to say that it may take some time. I'm having computer troubles and I'm not sure I can afford a new one yet, so it slows things down somewhat. My server was hacked into last week and three of my sites were affected (colorfilter's backend included), so fixing that is my priority at the moment.

I don't want to keep updating this journal (or Twitter and FB) with boring status updates like this, so this is a one time note from me - and also a shout out to you all that YES, I'm still here and have not abandoned things. I will try my best to get things rolling as quickly as possible, be sure of that. I hope you all have not gotten tired of me saying this. :(

I'll post again when I have some old large textures gathered. :)

* Btw, I was looking through my old stuff and realized that I had actually been sharing resources online for a decade now! Granted, I was away for a few of those years, but still! I'm blown away! :P
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