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Download: 30 of my old large textures

I'm not sure how many of you read my previous post since almost no one replied, but as promised, I've uploaded some old large textures as well - or not so large anymore since 800x600 is probably tiny by today's standards! :P There are 30 total, though 10 of them have never been shared. As with the bulk icon textures pack, they're currently offered via Facebook fans while the site is offline.

30 large textures

Here's a thumbnail preview:

30 large textures thumbnails

To download, visit this page on Colorfilter's Facebook and "like" if you haven't already to get the link. I'm actually a bit embarrassed by these. A lot of them are quite old and terrible! :P

I should also add that previous issues with zip files being incompatible with some OS should all be resolved now, yay!

On a different note, I've been wondering how much of you are still around LJ. This place just feels more and more inactive, and I'm not sure if it's just me. :\ LJ has also been giving me tons of problems, and truthfully, the only reason I'm still posting here is because I think there may still be some who are looking for my updates (unless there aren't and I'm just assuming). I've just been considering if I should phase this journal out of my updates, eventually. Perhaps only update via FB, my site when it goes back up, or maybe Tumblr if you're all there more? Thoughts appreciated, please. :)
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