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filtering color for grays

...and finding color in black and white.

• C O L O R F I L T E R @ L I V E J O U R N A L

Just another graphics journal among the gazillions on LJ, this one by Colorfilter or otherwise better known as Téa in the fandom world outside of graphics. Here, you can find resource downloads made by me- such as textures, brushes, patterns, etc. In terms of icons and other graphics, my subject varies widely from animanga, movies, celebs, music, to inanimate or non-fandom stuff. For convenient reference, everything can be found organized in tags or at the memories archive.

If you've just found this journal, I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to fill out this survey on how you came upon this place. Thank you!

On Requests: Due to time constraints, I do not take requests on a general daily basis. However, suggestions on what you're interested in is always welcome and taken into consideration.

On Friending: Feel free to add me if you like, no need to ask. In fact, if you like my icons and textures, I encourage you to add me so that you can be updated with new things I post- especially since I often don't cross-post my sets much. Please keep in mind I generally don't add people back though. For detailed reasons, please refer to the this post.

Questions about anything at all? Please remember to check the FAQ page first.

• R U L E S & T E R M S

You're more than welcome to take/use the graphics I put up here- I only ask that you please keep the following things in mind:

For resources, a credit link back somewhere would be wonderful. For icons on LJ, it's really quite simple to do via keywords or comments for your userpics-

This information site gives hotlinking the analogy as "Imagine a random stranger plugging into your electrical outlets, using your electricity without your consent, and you paying for it." Please do NOT hotlink to anything I put up. With how much bandwidth this journal uses and how broke I am, I really can't stress it enough.

Also, hotlink or not, please do not offer my graphics or downloads anywhere without my explicit permission. Don't post them on your site to offer, don't post them on another community or your Xanga to share, just don't.

Please don't alter my icons/graphics unless I've specifically stated that you can. In terms of my resources, it's really not cool when someone takes a texture of mine- slap on a dingbat brush and change the color...and then put them up for download as their own texture. It really isn't.

This isn't an absolute requirement- but more something that I would highly appreciate. It's really helpful and nice to know which icons/resources people like or take. I note and appreciate every one of the comments- it's really a very great motivation for me to always continue on with what I do here. Thank you. :)

IMPORTANT: Please never ever claim anything of mine as your own.

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Please help support my work by donating; for more information about donations, please refer to this post. Thank you!

If you need to reach me through email, or if you would like to commission me for my design services- please feel free to contact me at colorfilter.designs at gmail dot com.

------------------------- COLORBAR GIFTS

These colorbars are wonderful gifts that I have received from some very awesome people,
and I thought I'd share it with everyone in case someone actually wants to use them. :)

animanga iconmakers are love - made by hydrogen

made for me by hritza