Official Closed: Colorfilter @ Livejournal

For those of you who didn’t catch my previous post before I began my LJ cleanup, I made the decision about a month ago to close down this LJ. As of today, all posts with the exception of this one and two others (for the texture challenge I once hosted) are no longer available or accessible here. Please consider this update to be my last one on LJ.

I know I mentioned DW in my last post but it's currently a work-in-progress due to the mess of imported entries and broken links among other things. So after some thought, I went with setting up shop on Tumblr first, to re-share the resources from ground up. I figured this was easier since I’m also working on re-uploading most of my old downloads onto DeviantArt in order to have an archive of it somewhere while my site is offline.

It’s a little amusing to be reposting things I made almost 15 years ago(!!) again, not to mention seeing some pretty glaring differences between the trends of those days vs today. I feel like I’ve gone back in time and am slowly reliving my resource-making journey, haha. I must admit I didn’t mean it quite so literally when I talked about starting over, but this is nonetheless how it’s turning out. I’m half-hoping the graphics community has come and gone several rounds by now that it won’t make too much of a difference to other people because it’ll be practically new again??

Anyhow, I’m sorry, I’m just blathering now because I’m feeling nostalgic. D: In any case, if anyone who stumbles upon this journal again is on Tumblr too, please come by if you don’t mind seeing some old stuff for a while. I do plan to post new ones too, of course, in case you’re wondering. :)

And finally, THANK YOU for giving me countless great memories (I had so much fun these past couple of weeks just going through the comments on my old posts). I am inexplicably sad to end my time here, yet I know well that it’s long overdue. I’ll miss you all, even those of you who moved on from LJ years ago. I hope I’ll get the chance to run into at least some of you again, whether on Tumblr, DeviantArt, Facebook, or even Dreamwidth.

If you see me around somewhere, please say hi! (My LJ comments email notifications are also still on, just in case.)


The Reveal: Color Textures Fun Challenge

Color Textures Fun Challenge revealing time! Lots of wonderful textures and colors... it's so much fun to look at what you guys came up with. :D To all you icon makers, you get 29 different sets of textures (submitted by 17 people) to play with all at once. It's like Christmas. ;)

Originally, I was going to sort these by color but then it turned out not to be very practical since the colors went all over the place. Hee! All the better, I say. A couple of people, I think, also may have misunderstood the terms of challenge, so a few sets came out having a range of more than one color. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough on that point... but I'm including them in the list anyway since they were already made and, well, how can I not? They're goodies! :p

Enjoy, and don't forget to comment on their respective posts! I'm sure they'd love to hear what you think.

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Challenge! Color Textures Fun

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while now and I really hope many of you will decide to join in. There are tons of icon challenges out there but never really any resource challenges after all. So I hereby present you...

Color Textures Fun!

The challenge, if you choose to participate, is to make a set of "color" themed textures and go wild with them. Since this is the first time I'm doing this, I thought we'd start with an easy theme (can you tell I plan to do more of this if it's successful?). Collapse )

Please pimp this post far and wide! :D

ETA 07/07/07: Challenge is now over. Check out the awesome entries HERE!